Fuel Pump and Fuel Tank Gas Tank Sending Unit Bulkhead OEM 3000GT/Stealth

Stock Fuel Pump + Sending Unit Assy and Gas Tank
3000GT / Stealth

If you need to replace your stock fuel tank, but do not want to get a small fuel cell, or need to repace the stock fuel pump and sending unit assembly, we offer these parts! Note that the smaller parts are a component of the larger parts!

The fuel TANK INCLUDES the fuel pump sending assembly. The tank is not available without the sending unit.

The fuel pump sending unit assembly INCLUDES the pump, gasket/seal, pickup pillow filter, and pillow filter clip.

Unfortunately, you can not get JUST the stock fuel pump by itself, only as part of the fuel sending unit assembly. Nor can you get the sending unit without the pump. The sending unit and pump are only sold as a package/set.

3SX Custom Fuel Sending Unit / Bulkhead

3SX now offers a custom replacement fuel sending unit with or without an aftermarket fuel pump. If you need a replacement sending unit because yours is damaged or rusted out, these are a better and less expensive option than the factory unit! Check out the 3SX Custom Fuel Sending Unit.

Fuel Tank Connector Hose

The sending unit uses a short 12-inch rubber hose to connect to the long lines that run under the car. This hose can deteriorate over time, and get damaged when removing the fuel tank or sending unit. If you need to replace that line we offer the OEM Tank Connect Hose as well as a 3SX Custom Stainless Braided Fuel Line with proper inverted flare adapters to connect the sending unit to the underbody lines - and the 3SX line is considerably cheaper!.

Note that the stock TT fuel pickup filter/pillow is no longer available. We do offer an aftermarket pickup filter for the STOCK TT/VR4 fuel pump.

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Picture of Fuel PUMP Sending Unit Assembly TT
Fuel PUMP Sending Unit Assembly TT
SKU: FuelPumpSenderAssyTT
Picture of Fuel PUMP Sending Unit Assembly NA
Fuel PUMP Sending Unit Assembly NA
SKU: FuelPumpSenderAssyNA