Reconditioned Fuel Tank Gas Tank with a sending unit (Drop in Ready)

Reconditioned Fuel Tank with oem sending unit or 3SX sending unit (direct plug n play)
3000GT / Stealth


If you need to replace your stock fuel tank, but do not want to get a small fuel cell, or need to replace the stock fuel pump and sending unit assembly, look no futher, we have options for you.

  • Reconditioned OEM Fuel Tank
  • 3SX Fuel Sending Unit Bulkhead w/fuel tank gasket (new)
  • Walbro Fuel Pump Kit (new)
  • Fuel line off bulkhead (new)
  • Flange Nuts (new)


  • Reconditioned OEM Fuel Tank
  • OEM Fuel Sending Unit (new)
  • Flange Nuts (new)

Sealer in the tank that has been completed.  Once we get the core, turn around time is between 1-2 weeks.  If we don't have any in stock.

As new oem fuel tanks are no longer available.  This is a great option to take advantage of.  You won't have to worry about the fuel line from the bulk head breaking off.

Note:  These tanks will be cleaned, sealed, drilled and studed if needed, new hardlines if existing ones are broken and painted prior to shipment.  Keep your stock vacuum lines as you will reuse them.

Core charge of $350.  Keep the white vent cap on top and the sending unit installed on your core tank.  We will disassemble here at 3SX.

Note:  These units will come pre assembled.

Note:  The gas tank picture is a 91-97.  As the 98-99 has an additional sensor on the side of the sending unit.  Please confirm which one you have on your vehicle prior to ordering.  The 98-99 deals with EVAP Pressure Sensor and could cause a CEL.

OEM Fuel sending units while supplies last.


Fuel Tank 9197 w/ 3SX Sending Unit + Pump
SKU: 3SXKIT001080
Fuel Tank 9899 w/ 3SX Sending Unit + Pump
SKU: 3SXKIT001081
Fuel Tank 9197 w/ OEM Sending Unit
SKU: 3SXKIT001088
Fuel Tank 9899 w/ OEM Sending Unit
SKU: 3SXKIT001089
Fuel Tank Clean and Reseal - Repair
SKU: 3SX000953