Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit 3S


3SX Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit - 3000GT/Stealth

This hot wire kit allows you to run a constant full voltage to your fuel pump, helping keep a constant supply to the injectors. This is particularly useful for cars that are running upgraded injectors or an upgraded pump to maximize your fuel availability to the injectors.

NOTE: The 3SX kit comes fully assembled (you just have to install it) and uses high quality 10-gauge cable and a 30 Amp AGC-type inline fuse holder with fuse already installed.

All-Weather 60-amp relay included!

3SX Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit

Installation Guide


Instructions for 1991-1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth

Kit can be used on any vehicle that provides 12V to the stock fuel pump

  • Remove the 30-amp fuse from the fuse holder for installation.
  • The included 10-gauge power wire runs from the battery to the fuel pump under the hatch. Connect the pre-terminated o-ring terminal (the fuse end of the long wire) to the positive battery terminal. Run the power wire to rear hatch area. You will find the fuel pump sender cover in the rear right side of hatch under the spare and cargo tray - remove cover panel.
  • Cut the 10-gauge power wire to the proper length and connect it to the pre-terminated RED power wire on the relay harness.
  • On the fuel sender lid you will find a black-with-blue-stripe wire. It runs into the fuel pump harness plug. Cut this wire in half. Connect the pre terminated BLUE relay wire to the black-with-blue-stripe wire leading to sender lid (TO FUEL PUMP side of the cut wire). Connect the pre terminated WHITE relay wire to the black-with-blue-stripe wire leading to the fuel pump harness plug (TO CAR HARNESS/SUPPLY side of the cut wire).
  • Ground the pre-terminated BLACK relay wire with the o-ring terminal to fuel hat.
  • Re-install the supplied 30-amp fuse into fuse holder at the battery.
  • Check install by running car to ensure the pump is getting power.
  • Notch out fuel sender cover to allow space for wires. Reinstall cover.


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