Fuel Rail Adapter Fittings - 3000GT/Stealth

SKU: 3SXKIT000948

Fuel Rail Adapter Fittings
3000GT/Stealth Stock Fuel Rails to AN6

We offer the fuel rail adapter end fittings separately and individually. These adapters fit into the ends of the stock 3S fuel rails and adapt to standard 6AN male fittings. If you are doing a complete custom fuel system with AN lines, then these are what you need. They'll allow you to run twin-feed fuel lines (split fuel feed and run parallel down both rails then 'Y' back together) and feed into an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, or whatever other custom setup you are creating. Each adapter includes the requisite 2 bolts and lock washers to mount to the fuel rail as well as the o-ring.



We have modified the long-standing "diamond" and "triangle" fittings to have a SINGLE adapter fitting that fits BOTH ends of the stock fuel rails! Now there is no confusion about which adapter you need for which location - this one style fits both ends of the stock fuel rail on the 6G72 and 6G74 DOHC engines!

NOTE: These will NOT work with the 3SX Custom Aluminum Fuel Rails, these already have fittings on them. 


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