Fuel Loop / Fuel Rail Adapter Kit - 3000GT Stealth for Stock Fuel Rails


3SX Fuel Rail Loop Adapter Kit
For 6G72 or 6G74 DOHC Stock or 3SX Fuel Rails

This kit converts the fuel rail ends to AN standard fittings and includes a loop which dramatically improves fuel flow from the front rail around to the rear rail. The stock connector in is very small and restrictive and under high boost and rev circumstances the back rail (esp #4 and #6 injectors/cylinders) can get starved for fuel. This kit alleviates that bottleneck by using a larger diameter connector pipe to flow more fuel. Mounts to the stock fuel rails. The loop is 3/8-inch with .035" (.88mm) wall thickness.

Kit includes the fuel two rail fittings to adapt the end of the stock fuel rails, the loop, and mounting bolts.

The 3SX kit does NOT require modifications to your timing covers. It fit with the stock timing belt covers or the 3SX Clear Timing Belt Covers if you are running those. Why butcher those parts if you don't have to!

NOTE: This will NOT fit on the SOHC engines. 


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