Fuel Rails 3SX Custom Aluminum 3000GT Stealth 6G72 & 6G74


3SX Custom Aluminum Fuel Rails
Fits All 3000GT Stealth

Also 6G74 Engines for 3.5-liter Conversion

If you are upgrading for BIG turbos and need BIG fuel, then these custom fuel rails are JUST what you need! They directly mount in place of the stock rails and fit stock/aftermarket injectors. They have threaded ends to accept AN line fittings - ideal for full custom fuel systems using either a single or twin feed system and aftermarket fuel pressure regulator.

We include 4 fittings for the rails adapting them to standard -6AN hose fitting size. These are the same rails included with our complete advanced fuel kits.

Like the stock rails, our rails have a multi-angle "step" for the injector holes that allow for ease of installing the injectors without damaging the orings, and providing a good seal.


Sold as a pair of rails with AN6 fittings and mounting bolts to attach to the fuel rails.
Lower plenum, isolators, injectors, and other hardware are not included.


NOTE: It has come to our attention (from installing the rails in our shop) that there are casting variations in the 3S upper intake plenums/manifolds. Unfortunately, due to this, the "tabs" on the manifold may slightly touch the fuel rails on the front or underside. The solution is to simply grind away a little of the notches on the plenum until it doesn't touch the rail. While these are not moving parts, the contact could potentially cause the upper plenum to not fully seat against the lower plenum resulting in a slight intake leak. Just check the clearance once you have the manifold bolted down. Click the pictures below for larger views highlighting the potential contact points.
Click for BIG pic.
Click for BIG pic.


Custom LOOP for 3SX Fuel Rails

We now offer a Custom Fuel Loop that allows you to connect the front and rear 3SX Fuel Rails. This means you can run these 3SX rails with the 3SX Underhood Fuel Kit. You can opt to get the loop with the rails right here! Simply choose the kit to include the loop for 6G72 installation for regular 3.0-liter 3000GT/Stealth engines or the 6G74 loop for installation in the larger 3.5-liter engine if you are running the conversion.


NOTE: These will NOT work with stock feel/return lines and/or can find the correct kits HERE


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