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 (Bossman circa 2002)


Eric's 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T

SUTHNR, represents the power of the non-turbo (or NA for naturally aspirated) with his '93 Dodge Stealth R/T with a complete exhaust, custom intake, suspension, upgraded internals and the famous 222 HP Stereo...

Dec 2013 UPDATES
Welcome to the next level of NA power! Record breaking 280 fwhp!!


Steve's 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4

 Steve's pride is a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 with a world of modifications, including a complete '99 front end conversion, FMIC, Teins, BIG 3SX turbos, and plenty of goodies to support those turbos. This test-bed is ever-changing as new products are developed and tested...




Old Montster Build

Cylinder Head Comparison

Check Your Oil Cap Gasket

10.90's on 3SX Executioners

3k / Stealth History


The Smoking Tire - 3000GT


The Forotten Legend - Wicks Way (6:55in)


THROTL - 3000GT Reveal

THROTL - 3000GT Part 2: Transmission

THROTL - 3000GT Part 3: New Wheels

THROTL - 3000GT Part 4: Seafom and 3SX

THROTL - 3000GT Part 5: First Performance Mod

THROTL - 3000GT Part 6: Painting Your Valve Cover 

THROTL - 3000GT Part 7 - Finishing the Intercooler

THROTL - 3000GT Part 8 - New Radiator

THROTL - 3000GT Part 9 - First Exterior Mods

THROTL - 3000GT Part 10 - Exhaust

THROTL - 3000GT Part 11 - Paint

 THROTL - 3000GT Part 12 - More Boost

THROTL - 3000GT Part 12 - Biggest Investment

THROTL - 3000GT Part 13 - Overnight Parts from Japan



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