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Below is some information that Eric Bowden, and Steve Burrows posted about their cars during the 2010-2017 year ranges. Thought you all might enjoy some of the background on these 2 founders cars.


Eric's 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T

SUTHNR, represents the power of the non-turbo (or NA for naturally aspirated) with his '93 Dodge Stealth R/T with a complete exhaust, custom intake, suspension, upgraded internals and the famous 222 HP Stereo...


Steve's 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4

Steve's pride is a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 with a world of modifications, including a complete '99 front end conversion, FMIC, Teins, BIG 3SX turbos, and plenty of goodies to support those turbos. This test-bed is ever-changing as new products are developed and tested...


Old Monster Build

Cylinder Head Comparison

Check Your Oil Cap Gasket

10.90's on 3SX Executioners

3k / Stealth History


The Smoking Tire - 3000GT

The Forgotten Legend - Wicks Way (6:55in)


THROTL - 3000GT Reveal

THROTL - 3000GT Part 2: Transmission

THROTL - 3000GT Part 3: New Wheels

THROTL - 3000GT Part 4: Seafoam and 3SX

THROTL - 3000GT Part 5: First Performance Mod

THROTL - 3000GT Part 6: Painting Your Valve Cover 

THROTL - 3000GT Part 7 - Finishing the Intercooler

THROTL - 3000GT Part 8 - New Radiator

THROTL - 3000GT Part 9 - First Exterior Mods

THROTL - 3000GT Part 10 - Exhaust

THROTL - 3000GT Part 11 - Paint

 THROTL - 3000GT Part 12 - More Boost

THROTL - 3000GT Part 12 - Biggest Investment

THROTL - 3000GT Part 13 - Overnight Parts from Japan

THROTL - 3000GT #2 Part 1 - Interior and Exhaust 


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