Generic BOV - Stock Replacement 3000GT VR4 Stealth TT Blow Off Valve

Generic Blow Off Valve - Stock Replacement
Closed Loop Recirculating Bypass Valve

Is your stock BOV making an odd "hooting owl" sound? This is typically an indicator that the diaphragm in it has served its time and you need to replace the valve.

This is a stock-replacement BOV that will directly replace the factory unit with a chrome closed loop valve that recirculates the air back into the intake before the turbos. It includes a mid-tension spring inside (about 8-15 psi range) and includes 2 additional springs (red lower tension and yellow higher tension).

NOTE that you may need additional vacuum hose to reach the top vacuum nipple on the BOV.


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Generic BOV - Stock Replace 3S TT/VR4 Chrome
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