Generic BOV - Type-S Blow Off Valve BLACK (like Greddy Type S)

Generic Blow-Off Valve - Type-S Style - BLACK Top
(similar to Greddy Type S)

This BOV offers an affordable alternative to get great performance! The blowoff valve is a requisite part in a turbo-charged engine, as it relieves back-pressure when you take your foot off the gas to shift gears or slow down. Well, the turbos don't just turn off so they are still pushing a lot of air, and if that air can't go into the engine (throttle plate is closed with foot off the gas) then it will back-wash into the turbo, and can severely damage the turbo bearings. The BOV releases that pressure from the intake system, and this Type-S Style BOV is a recirculating / closed-loop valve (like the stock bypass valve), meaning the air goes back into the intake system before the turbos. It is adjustable for various boost levels by loosening the lock nut on top, and screwing the threaded shaft IN/OUT.

Comes as a complete kit as shown below - INCLUDING with the necessary 35mm adapter to fit it to a hose.


Picture of Generic BOV - Type-S Style Kit - BLACK - w Adapter
Generic BOV - Type-S Style Kit - BLACK - w Adapter
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