GM MAF / MAS for MAF Conversion 3.0 / 3.5

GM MAF Sensor / MAS Sensor

The use of a GM MAF and the MAF Tuner offers an alternative for fuel management upgrades. These are genuine GM MAF sensors, avaiable in 3.0" & 3.5" sizes. They must be paired with the MAF-Translator to be used on the 3000GT/Stealth.

NOTE: Installation requires customing your intake system. They can simply go inline before the throttle body with an FMIC. But if you have stock or other side mount intercoolers, you will need to customize your intake to install this.

TIP! With the price of replacing the OEM Mitsubishi MAF, it's really more beneficial to make the switch to the GM-MAF and MAF-Translator which would not only replace your worn/damaged/faulty stock MAF with a new aftermarket one, but give you fuel management control as well. This means you can tune your car, whether with stock injectors or upgraded! We always recommend tuning the car while on a dyno for a controlled environment.


Picture of GM MAF 3.0 inch
GM MAF 3.0 inch
Picture of GM MAF 3.5 inch
GM MAF 3.5 inch
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