Greddy BOV Type FV Blow Off Valve Greddy FV 11501665

Greddy Type FV Blow-Off Valve
Genuine Greddy/Trust from Japan!

New for late 2013, this is the latest in the line of great Greddy BOV's! This is an open-loop valve venting the air to atmosphere.

This is a universal kit as pictured.

We also offer separately the intake plug so you can plug the hole in the intake bubble after installing this BOV.


Greddy BOV Type FV with 3S Adapter Flange to Hose Mount
Includes flange for mounting into factory hose. Screw in flange to convert to closed loop system sold below in related products.
SKU: BOVGreddy-FV-Kit
Greddy BOV Type FV Universal No Flange 11501665
SKU: BOVGreddyTypeFV
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