Hawk HP-PLUS RACING Brake Pads TT / VR-4


Hawk HP PLUS Racing Brake Pads - 3000GT/Stealth - VR4/TT

Hawk HP PLUS pads offer a race advantage over their HPS pads. The PLUS pads are a more aggressive compound to improve your braking, which make them a great pad for auto-crossing or light road-coursing.

NOTE: The HP PLUS pads are a more aggressive pad leading to accelerated rotor wear and pad noise/squeak. These are not recommended for an around-town daily pad due to brake noise. Typically drivers will swap them in at the track/event and normal pads back in once they are finished racing.

Hawk HP PLUS Pads TT/VR4 - 91-99 Front: HB120N.560
Hawk HP PLUS Pads TT/VR4 - 94-99 Rear: HB201N.620
NOTE: The rears are NOT available for the 91-93 AWD TT/VR4.