Head Gasket 92mm (Stock Size) Non-OEM 3000GT/Stealth

SKU: HeadGasket92mmSng380

Head Gaskets MLS Non-OEM Stock Size DOHC - 3000GT / Stealth

These are MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) head gaskets for the 6G72 DOHC 3000GT/Stealth turbo and non-turbo engines. They are the same size as the stock head gaskets (92mm) so will work with any stock sized or 1mm/.040" over-sized (92mm) pistons. MLS means they are much more resistant to blowing out and work great for stock or high boost applications. The advantage is they are priced less than the OEM gaskets to offer a bit of savings over OEM gaskets.

NOTE: These gaskets are priced and sold individually. Select Qty 2 for a pair.

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