Head Gaskets OEM 6G74 3.5-liter Conversion 3000GT Stealth (from Montero)

Stock OEM Mitsubishi Head Gaskets
for 6G74 DOHC Engine

This is the stock OEM Mitsubishi head gasket for the 3.5-liter 6G74 engine that has a stock piston bore of 93mm. Can be used for the 3.5-liter conversion builds. They have a 94.58mm bore size and include a fire ring around the cylinder

These are the same gaskets used in the US 3.5-liter 6G74 DOHC Montero which match and work with the 3S 6G72 heads.


NOTE: These are a COMPOSITE gasket - they are NOT a MLS gasket. If you want a MLS gasket sized for the 6G74 engines that is MLS, we offer 93mm and 95mm MLS Head Gaskets here.


Gaskets are sold individually - select Qty of 2 for a pair.


Picture of Head Gasket OEM 6G74 - SINGLE
Head Gasket OEM 6G74 - SINGLE
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