Ignition Key Factory OEM - Mitsubishi and Stealth


Ignition Key 3000GT & Stealth
Factory Rubber "Mitsubishi" for 3000GT
Factory Rubber BLANK for Stealth

These are original Mitsubishi 3000GT and Stealth car keys!! If yours were previously lost or you bought your car used and it only came with the generic keys, you can order originals! Order them blank/uncut and get it cut to match locally, or order VIN-specific and have it pre-cut to match your VIN.

We can now also source the keys for your Stealth! These are factory original keys that have the rubber cap on them, but no logo in them. We are no longer offering the Stealth keys in cut-to-vin due to the dealers being unable to reliably cut the key from the vin to match the original key. You will have to order the blank and get it copied from your original.


NOTE: If you order "CUT-TO-VIN", you will need to fax or email a copy of your registration WITH CURRENT ADDRESS as proof that the vehicle is yours. We will not send a cut key without it, and we will ONLY send it to the address on the registration.


NOTE2: CUT-TO-VIN can ONLY be done as follows:
3000GT keys are cut on the "Mitsubishi" key as pictured above.
Stealth keys are NOT available in Cut-to-VIN. 
This service is only availble for US based cars with US VIN Numbers


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