Stainless Nitrile Intake & Inconel Exhaust Valves 3S Oversize

StainlessĀ Intake & Inconel Exhaust Valves 3000GT/Stealth

We are changing over to offering oversized Inconel Exhaust valves. If you are running high boost application then the Inconel valves are the better choice. Inconel is a nickel based alloy material that is used for exhaust valves in engines that reach very high temperatures and its use is growing with the application of turbos and superchargers. Inconel is better suited for these high boost applications as the material is is more resistive to the extreme temperatures.

NOTE: Stock valves are the following sizes:
Intake - 35.0mm
Exhaust - 30.5mm

Order in sets of 24 with the stainless steel black nitride (SSBN) intake valves with the Inconel exhaust valves, or just order individual valves.

Picture of Valve (Single) Stainless Black Nitrite Intake 1.0mm
Valve (Single) Stainless Black Nitrite Intake 1.0mm
SKU: Valve3SXSinglein1.0.
Picture of Valve (Single) Inconel Exhaust 1.0mm
Valve (Single) Inconel Exhaust 1.0mm
SKU: Valve3SXSingleEX1.0i
Picture of Valve (Single) Inconel Exhaust 2.0mm
Valve (Single) Inconel Exhaust 2.0mm
SKU: Valve3SXSingleEX2.0i.