Innovate O2 Sensor Exhaust Bung Plugs

Innovate Exhaust Bung + Plug Kits
Stainless, Non-Stainless, Extension, HBX-1

Stainless #3736 & Non-Stainless #3735 Bung+Plug Set

If you need to install additional O2 sensors, you may need additional bungs to be welded onto the exhaust pipes. The bung+plug kits include both an M18x1.5 bung and matching plug, available in stainless steel or mild steel.

The Extended Bung+Plug #3764 kit is designed for smaller diameter pipes to allow for less restriction.

Heat-Sink Bung Extender HBX-1 #3729

The Bosch LSU4.2 wide-band O2 sensor (shipped as part of the LM-1 kit) is rated to operate at an exhaust gas temperature of < 1300 degrees (F), and a sensor housing temperature of < 900 degrees (measured at the bung) for maximum accuracy and control. When either of these operating temperature ranges is exceeded, the sensor can no longer be accurately controlled. Further, operating at or over these temperatures for any length of time can significantly reduce the lifetime of the sensor. The LM-1 is designed to display an error message under these conditions (currently 08- Sensor Timing Error) rather than provide inaccurate readings. For some turbo vehicles, rotary engines, and other setups, this error message can be encountered with annoying frequency.


All bung+plug kits are sold individually.

Picture of Innovate O2 Sensor M18x1.5 Bung Plug Kit 3764
Innovate O2 Sensor M18x1.5 Bung Plug Kit 3764
SKU: InnoBungExt3764
Innovate HBX-1 Heat-Sink Bung Extender 3729
SKU: InnoBungHBX1ext3729