JDM / Euro OEM Corner Oval Fender Lights CLEAR Corner Lights Turn Signals Side Marker Lights 3000GT / GTO

JDM / Euro Fender Indicators / Turn Signals
CLEAR Lenses w/ Orange Bulbs
Original JDM Mitsubishi!

These are the small oval lights found on the Japanese and European models of the 3000GT/GTO but these have CLEAR white lenses as pictured. They were mounted in the front fenders just behind the front wheels. These are OEM Mitsubishi JDM parts!


We have also sourced the OEM harness pigtail plugs!

Sold separately as a pair.


NOTE: You will have to custom modify your vehicle for installation by drilling holes and running wires.



Sold as a PAIR - two lights. Bulbs are included in the housings.



We now offer these indicators in either orange/amber lenses or clear/white lenses! The orange ones are a more bulbous shape, curving out about 1cm, while the clear lenses are nearly flat and will be just barely above the panel they are mounted on. Get the lights with orange lenses listed here!


NOTE: It was brought to our attention that the clear side marker lights are not 100% direct replacements for genuine GTO's - the hole has to be file out slightly larger to fit the clear lenses. For those adding these light to a 3000GT/Stealth/GTO that does not already have these side markers, it is obviously a moot point as you have to add the hole in the first place...

Picture of JDM / Euro OEM Corner Oval Fender Lights CLEAR - PAIR
JDM / Euro OEM Corner Oval Fender Lights CLEAR - PAIR