Easy DIY Headlight Restoration Kit

Get rid of those glazed over, foggy headlights. Kit included everything needed to restore the clear to your lights that will last for years. with this proven product.
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3SX / KBS Headlight Restoration System

The perfect solution for cloudy headlight lenses. This kit includes everything you need to restore 4 or more headlight lenses which drastically increases the visibility of fogged, yellowed, cloudy, or hazy dull looking headlights and drastically improves their performance. Easy-to-follow detailed instructions included.

DiamondFinish Clear is insanely tough and hard, perfect for your headlights.

DiamondFinish Clear can be applied with a brush without leaving any brush marks. 

Kit Contains:

» 4oz DiamondFinish Clear
» 8oz KBS Klean
» Scuff Pad
» Brushes and Stir Stick
» Black Nitrile Gloves
» Directions