KBS Paint Saver - Aerosol Can

Preserve your un-used paint
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KBS Paint Saver Aerosol can from 3SX

KBS Paint Saver Overview

KBS Paint Saver is a proven paint preserver that allows user-friendly long term storing of leftover paints in the original can.

KBS Paint Saver keeps paints, coatings, and clear coats from skinning over in the can which saves you money by allowing you to use the entire can of paint.

KBS Paint Saver is designed to come out gently so as not to splatter the paint inside the can!

KBS Paint Saver is environmentally safe, allows for storage of paints in their original cans, and is very easy to use.

KBS Paint Saver Features

  • Isolates Air in Can from Contents
  • Sprays Gently = No Paint Splatter!
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Non-Flammable
  • Saves $$$ on Wasted Paints
  • Saves Up to 75 Cans of Paint

KBS Paint Saver Consumption

One Can of KBS Paint Saver Usually saves up to 75 cans of paint.

KBS Paint Saver Applications

  • DiamondFinish Clear
  • RustSeal
  • BlackTop
  • Motor Coater
  • Urethanes
  • Enamels
  • Latex
  • All Water-Based Paints
  • All Solvent-Based Paints

KBS Paint Saver Directions

Simply hold paint can lid closely above the can and spray KBS Paint Saver towards the side of the paint can to avoid splashing. Spray KBS Paint Saver 2 seconds for quarts or less and 4 seconds for gallons. Close can lid immediately. KBS Paint Saver prevents oxygen and moisture damage that can happen in paint cans and extends storage times of paints, coatings and clear coats.