KBS Patch -- UV-Cured Hole/Panel Repair

Self-adhesive panel repair patch

KBS Patch from 3SX 

Hole/Panel Repair Made Easy

Available in 3 Sizes: 3x6, 6x9, 9x12

KBS Patch

The KBS Patch, carried by 3SX is a very easy-to-use, UV or sunlight activated repair patch. The fiberglass-reinforced polyester composite creates long-lasting repairs.

KBS Patch is perfect for making watertight, durable repairs on engine parts, decking, fenders, gas cans, drain pipes, water tanks, PVC pipes, plastics, plexiglas, fiberglass, metal, wood, concrete and more!


KBS Patch Features

  • Extremely durable fiberglass reinforced polyester/plastic
  • Flexible and waterproof, weather and UV resistant
  • Can be drilled, tapped, sanded and painted in less than an hour
  • Resistant against many chemicals, solvents, and oils
  • Temperature resistant from -40°F to 390°F
  • No shrinkage or expansion during the application or after curing

KBS Patch Applications

Industry: Repair and maintenance of roofs, steps, tanks, pipes, lines, gutters, switch boxes and more.

Automotive, Truck & Transport: Bumpers, radiators, rusted areas and exhaust leaks, fuel tanks and lines, box bodies, headlamp housings, all kinds of plastics (except polypropylene) and body components.

Maintenance: Prototyping, modeling, windows, doors, fences, roofs, drainage lines, pools, sanitation systems, tanks, and various other surfaces like glass reinforced plastic, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, concrete and plastics.

KBS Patch Directions and Tech Info

Very Easy To Use!
Surface should be cleaned, dry and free of any contaminants.

KBS PatchKBS Patch

Cut KBS Patch into any size you want without exposing to UV or sunlight.

KBS Patch

Remove white backing tape to expose the sticky resin.

KBS Patch

Apply KBS Patch to repair area with sticky side down.

KBS Patch

Press firmly to repair surface.

KBS Patch

Remove transparent film backing and expose to sunlight or KBS UV Light. Curing times depend on UV intensity between 5 minutes (sunny) and 50 minutes (cloudy).

You can drill, sand, and/or paint when cured.


NOTE: Requires a UV Light to Cure, Available HERE

Picture of KBS Patch -- 6X9
KBS Patch -- 6X9
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