LED Speedometer Wrist Watch - The Cool Factor!

LED Speedometer-Style Wrist Watch

Available now in Black, Red, and White


This watch definitely registers on the "cool gadgets" scale for the car buff! The driving gauge-cluster style faceplate sets itself apart from any other watch out there. Then add to that the fact that the numbers are back-lit by adjustable-brightness LEDs.

LEDs are the highlight of this watch! The upper right dial indicates the hour (1-12) or month (1-12). The lower center dial indicates the minutes, or day of month, by 5s around the dial and singles in the middle (27 would be indicated with numbers thru 25 being lit and 1 and 2 in the middle). AM/PM lights up for, you guessed it, AM or PM hours. WEEK lights up to indicate the day of the week (Mon-Sun). Trust me... Reading it is quick and easy like any watch once you are used to it!

Press the upper button to cycle through time, date, and day of week. The lower button goes into setting mode where you set the hour, minute, day, month, weekday, LED brightness, and frequency of turning on the display time (every 0/5/10/15/30 minutes).

The black-faced watch is accented with a black-onyx chrome frame and buttons, using a black rubber wrist band. The face itself is not overly large, measuring 42mm wide and 38mm long (distance between the where the bands meet the face). The strap measures 22mm wide and has 8 holes for fitting small to large wrists. The gauges on the face are display only and not functional.

It runs on either (2) CR2016 button batteries or a single CR2032 battery, which is VERY common as it's the CMOS battery in pretty much every PC out there.

Instruction sheet 

We just received our latest batch of these in several colors, and they are an updated style! Now the days of the week (Mon-Sun) actually are LED as is the AM and PM.

Picture of LED Speedometer Watch - BLACK LED
LED Speedometer Watch - BLACK LED
SKU: WatchLEDSpeedoBlk
Picture of LED Speedometer Watch - WHITE LED
LED Speedometer Watch - WHITE LED
SKU: WatchLEDSpeedoWhite
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