Lifters Hydraulic 3rd Gen Lifters / Lash Adjusters Gen3 - BIG BORE :-) Individual AND SETS

Lash Adjusters / Hydraulic Lifters
"Big Bore" / 3rd Gen
1991-1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 Turbo and DOHC Non-Turbo
1991-1996 Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo and DOHC Non-Turbo

TICK-TICK-TICK-TICK-TICK... Does your car have the infamous lifter tick? You can upgrade to the later "3rd Generation" lash adjusters which offer a HUGE improvement in oil circulation in the heads, thus virtually eliminating the ticking sound that incessantly emanates from the top of your motor. While the opening at the top of the lash adjusters in the 91-96 cars is less than 1mm, the opening in these is 3mm, allowing for much better lubricated rocker arms and a quieter, non-ticking "time bomb" motor. ;-)

This picture compares the newer "big bore" lifters to the earlier style factory lifter found in the 91-96 engines.

Later Style "3rd Gen" Early Style

Later-Style "3rd Gen" lifters - Set of 24 (6G72 DOHC Engines Only)

Later-Style "3rd Gen" Lifters - Set of 16 (Works with 4G63 DOHC Engines)

NOTE: These will NOT work in the SOHC engines.

NOTE2: We recommend that you prime the lifters prior to installing them in the heads.

NOTE3: We have had inquiries about fitting into alternate engines. We know these may cross to other engines but have not tested them ourselves. That being said, you can compare specs of these versus yours and see if they will fit. The dimensions of our lifters are:
WIDTH 15.90mm (measured at widest part of lower half)
HEIGHT: 54.39mm (measured overall base to top port)



3SX Hydraulic Lifter Removal Tool

(Rocker Removal Tool)

WOW! "Mechanikin" just got that much easier! Originally changing lifters meant pulling the timing belt and camshafts out - a BIG project. Then it became using a couple big screwdrivers and/or pry-bar - that made life easier but you had to duck and dodge flying rockers on occasion.

This tool leaves all that pain in the past. Check out this brief instructional video we put together.

With this tool it will likely take you longer to get TO the lifters (removing the plenum, valve covers, etc.) that it will to actually swap the lifters!

You simply insert the tool between the rocker/cam lobe and the cam journal cap so the flat end of the tool is against the valve spring retainer. You then push up on the tool, pivoting on the camshaft, which then pushes the retainer/spring/valve down, releasing tension on the rocker arm. The rocker should easily slide out sideways. Release tension on the spring. Swap your lifter. Push up on the tool / down on the spring, and re-insert your rocker - make sure the flat end of the rocker is on the valve stem and the "cup" end of the rocker rests on the lifter (making the rocker "flat"). Release the tension on the tool and that will clamp the rocker back in place. DONE!

Wash/rinse/repeat for the rest of the lifters. :-)

Don't install lifters without getting this Lifter Removal Tool! You'll thank yourself afterwards!

...AND save a few bux when you get the tool WITH the 3rd Gen Big Bore Lifters!



We recommend that you also consider other items while you are doing your lifters.
Valve Cover Gaskets - OEM or Valve Cover Gaskets - NON-OEM
Plenum and/or Throttle Body Gaskets
Cam Seals and Cam Caps
Lifter Removal Tool

We have sold over 100,000 of these lifters - buy with confidence!

Picture of Lifter Gen3 - SINGLE
Lifter Gen3 - SINGLE
Picture of Lifters Gen3 - SET of 16
Lifters Gen3 - SET of 16
Picture of Lifters Gen3 - SET of 16 - WITH Lifter Removal Tool
Lifters Gen3 - SET of 16 - WITH Lifter Removal Tool
SKU: LifterGen3Set16T
Picture of Lifters Gen3 - SET of 24
Lifters Gen3 - SET of 24
Picture of Lifters Gen3 - SET of 24 - WITH Lifter Removal Tool
Lifters Gen3 - SET of 24 - WITH Lifter Removal Tool
SKU: LifterGen3Set24T