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List your vehicle on the 3SX Site!

Need help with listing your vehicle?  Not sure were it would receive the most traffic?  Look no further.  

List here with confidence.

What we will need from you.  

1. Year, make and Model

2. Mileage

3. Vin number

4. Mod List / bone stock?

5. Title condition (on hand, salvage..etc)

6. Run / doesn't run 

7. Price

8. City and State

9. Email address

10.  Pictures of everything (can't have enough pictures)

11. Phone number (optional)

12.  Additional Items (optional) - We all have additional parts to go with a

If your unsure how the buyer is going to pick up the vehicle.  There are options.  They can fly down and uber to your lcoation or they can have it picked up by a freight company that transports cars.  Most of us borrow a trailer from a friend and road trip it.  If you have concerns don't hestistate to ask.  

This ad is for a listing spot on the 3SX website only.  3SX will not list your vehicle on any other site.

Note:  This is a portable from prospective buyer to the seller only.  3SX doesn't exchange funds from the buyer of the vehicle to the seller.  The sellers contact email and or phone number will be listed in the add upon received the necessary information above.

Note: Listings will be removed after 90 days or removed sooner at sellers request.