MAGNECOR Spark Plug Wires Magnecore Magnacore- ALL 3000GT / Stealth - TT / DOHC / SOHC


Magnecore Spark Plug Wires - ALL 3S!!

DOHC Wires are NLA

By customer request we now carry Magnecore plug wires! We have them available for BOTH the DOHC engines AND the SOHC models! These are some of the best plug wires on the market - they are 8.5mm with sealed boots on both ends. The boots on the coil/distributor side are color-matched red - a trait UNIQUE to the Magnecores, and black on the plug side.

NOTE: The 10mm wires are a non-stocking special order part, and delivery could take 2-4 weeks as they are made to order by Magnecore.

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