Main Gauge Cluster Bezel Parts 3000GT Stealth

Main Gauge Cluster Bezel, Cover, and Inner Face
3000GT Stealth

These are the interior pieces around the main tachometer / speedometer gauge cluster.

The outer bezel can sometimes get cracked or faded. This is an OEM replacement - switches are NOT included.

On the main gauge cluster itself, we offer the outer clear cover panel and the inner cutout facing panel. The outer cover can get scratched from cleaning and hazy. Some people like to customize the inner panel by painting it.

All of these pieces fit all years/makes/models 3000GT and Stealth.

NOTE: Parts not listed in the dropdown menu below are discontinued.

We also have the Main Gauge Cluster SWITCHES parts listed separately.

Picture of Main Gauge Cluster Outer Surround Bezel
Main Gauge Cluster Outer Surround Bezel
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