Mintex Xtreme Brake Pads Mintex Racing Pads AWD 3000GT VR4 Stealth TT

Mintex Xtreme Brake Pads
for AWD 3000GT VR4 and Stealth TT

Pictured: 91-99 AWD 3000GT/Stealth/GTO Front - 4-piston Caliper

These are excellent racing-quality brake pads from Mintex.

As a major force in Motorsport friction products, Mintex high-performance brake pads have been used by race teams around the globe and have earned multiple wins in European GT, Le Mans, WRC, BTCC, NASCAR and others. Mintex Xtreme brake pads were born out of the formulations used on those race cars, but the formula has been slightly modified so they can also be run on the street. This makes Mintex Xtremes especially suited to skilled, aggressive drivers of high-performance automobiles. The high-friction compound in these pads offers decent stopping power when cold, which improves significantly as it warms up. It is stable across a range of conditions and fades very little at high temperatures (up to and above 500°C/950°F). In fact, it's when these pads get hot that they really show how good they are. A high-density platinum silver finish is applied to the back plates to provide a durable, anti-scratch finish that is highly resistant to surface corrosion. An integral foil shim helps reduce vibration and off-brake noise. Dust and rotor wear are moderate, but noticeable.

Above = 91-93 Gen1 AWD 3S Rear - 1-piston Floating Caliper
Below = 94-99 Gen2 AWD 3S Rear - 2-piston Caliper

Engineered using race-bred 'X-Series' friction materials, Mintex Xtreme brake pads give you the benefits gained from winning races worldwide for over 75 years. Not upgraded street friction, these pads were born at the track. The very latest compounding technology and race pad production techniques give these pads tremendous stopping power from dead cold to over 1300°F (700°C), creating a whole new performance standard.

Mintex Xtreme Pad Features:
-Xtremely high friction for race pad stopping power
-Excellent grip -- From Cold to over 1300°F
-Linear & predictable under all conditions
-Thermally stable for no-fade performance
-Lower dust than previous high-performance pads
-Moderate wear rate compared to other higher grip pads
-Quick release for fast corner exits
-Rotor-friendly for less grooving and pad material build-up

Because these operate at cold temperature, they work for street use. They are a powerful pad that provides a lot of stopping power for the performance driver. Compared to our normal Stillen metal matrix pads, the Mintex has more initial bite and feel, where our metal matrix is an everyday comfortable pad for daily driving.

Mintex pads are made in the UK.

Eric runs them on his Stealth and ran them on a couple road course events where they performed very well with no indications of brake fade with hard braking.


NOTE: For Non-USA customers the brake systems seem to have variations as to year applications from those found on the US models. Details on the rotors are here. For the pads the AWD Twin Turbo fronts were all the same. The US AWD Twin Turbo rear 91-93 used a single piston floating caliper, the US 94-99 AWD Twin Turbo used a 2-piston caliper. You can confirm which pads are needed on the rear by checking the caliper. FWD US cars had no brake system variations through the production life cycle.


Picture of Mintex Xtreme Brake Pads - 3S AWD REAR - Gen2 94-99
Mintex Xtreme Brake Pads - 3S AWD REAR - Gen2 94-99
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