Mitsubishi 60k Service Kit with SOLID Tensioner - 60K Timing Kit 3000GT Stealth


Mitsubishi OEM 60k Service Kit - 3000GT Stealth DOHC
with 3SX Solid Tensioner

60k Kit with Solid Tensioner and OEM Mitsubishi Timing Belt

The 60k service is probably the most important thing you could do to your 3000GT/Stealth other than change the oil regularly. And by "60k", the implication is every 60,000 miles as there are very few left under the 60k mark. And even those low mileage cars are recommended to have the service done as the LACK of usage can lead to the timing belt and other gaskets and seals dry-rotting.

While we have a selection of 60k kits, this particular listing offers the kits using the 3SX SOLID TENSIONER. Running the solid timing tensioner eliminates the question or possiblity of the hydraulic tensioner failing. We do recommend installation by an experienced installer.

60k Service Kit using 3SX Solid Timing Tensioner contains the following parts:
* OEM Water Pump with gasket and oring
* OEM Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley
* OEM Timing Belt Idler Pulley
* OEM Timing Belt
* 3SX Solid Timing Tensioner
* 1/4" Ratchet Timing Belt Tensioner Tool - no more wrench


Alternative Timing Belts

We also offer the kit with your choice of the Gates Racing timing belt or the Power Enterprise Kevlar timing belt.

60k Kit with Solid Tensioner and Gates Racing Timing Belt

60k Kit with Solid Tensioner and Power Enterprise Kevlar Timing Belt

 (wrench style tool shown, will be 1/4" ratchet style)

NOTE2: These kits are ONLY for the DOHC 3000GT/Stealth - both Twin Turbo and Non-Turbo. They will NOT work on the SOHC engine.