60k Mitsubishi OEM Service Bundle


Mitsubishi OEM 60k Service Bundle - DOHC or SOHC

91-99 DOHC TT & NA

The 60k service is probably the most important thing you could do to your 3000GT/Stealth other than change the oil regularly. And by "60k", the implication is every 60,000 miles as there are very few left under the 60k mark. And even those low mileage cars are recommended to have the service done as the LACK of usage can lead to the timing belt and other gaskets and seals dry-rotting.

The DOHC 60k Service Kit includes all Factory OEM Mitsubishi parts:
* OEM Water Pump with gasket and oring
* OEM Timing Belt Hydraulic Tensioner
* OEM Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley
* OEM Timing Belt Idler Pulley
* OEM Timing Belt
* Timing Belt Tensioner TOOL you'll need when installing the timing belt.


91-99 SOHC

The SOHC 60k Service Kit includes all OEM Factory Mitsubishi parts:
* Water Pump and Gaskets
* Timing Belt (or opt for the Gates belt)
* Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley
* Tming Tensioner Spring

NOTE: Our kit includes ALL OEM PARTS!! Be aware of other companies offering 60k kits using non-OEM parts to make the price lower, particularly the timing belt. We have tested a couple non-OEM timing belts and they DO NOT FIT properly - if you wrap them around a cam gear, they don't rest down into the cogs of the cam gear. Over time, this could eventually lead to a jumped timing belt. Also, some non-OEM water pumps are actually water pump REBUILD KITS requiring you to disassemble your pump and transfer over the backing housing and bolts. The OEM pump included here is a complete bolt-in assembly.


60K Service DOHC Bundle with Gates Racing Timing Belt

Get your 60K service kit for your DOHC TT or NA with the Gates Racing timing belt! Bear in mind that while the belt will last a good long time, you will still have to change the tensioner, water pump, and pulleys at their recommended intervals. NOTE: The Gates Racing timing belt DOES properly fit the cogs on the cam gears and crank cog.

You can opt to get the 60K Service Bundle w/ Gates Racing Timing Belt 91-99 DOHC TT & NA.


Other Recommended Service Items

These are some other service items that fall under the category of "you're already in there, might as well do it."

Nuts n Bolts n Hardware for mounting the various timing belt pulleys and brackets.

Water Pump Hardware for mounting the water pump.

Spark Plugs and Ignition Wires - lots of options on our Ignition page.

Stock Size Crank Pulley or Underdrive Crank Pulley and Crank Pulley Bolt.


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