NecksGen REV Helmet Head and Neck Restraint System (similar to HANS device)

NecksGen REV - Head and Neck Restraint System

This newly designed REV Frontal Head Restraint by Impact allows you to compete with a peace of mind every time you hop in your racecar. The REV features a comfort foam that rests on your shoulder muscles rather than on your collarbones, which provides for even distribution on impact. Weighing in at just over a pound, this restraint offers simplicity and ease for superior frontal and lateral support.

Unlike some restraints the REV has been specially designed without an interfering yoke, which increases the comfort and safety of your chest and collarbones. Through extensive testing, Impact determined the yoke added unnecessary mass and by removing it, allowed for an improved range of motion. Impact's goal is to provide each driver with the best quality product made and manufacture certified in the USA. With that goal in mind, the REV is constructed from DuPont’s carbon fiber composite materials for ultimate strength. The special design of the REV makes it appealing to all drivers. It’s compatible in any chassis and seat angle, regardless of what you race now or in the future. For drivers that are concerned about unbuckling in an emergency, Impact developed a quick and easy release system, allowing for a swift eject of the tethers from the helmet. For your convenience you can take the restraint and your helmet off together without detaching the tethers making it simple and time efficient.

For those wondering whether the REV will fit them. No worries! This restraint will provide safety for any racer available in sizes small, medium, and large. Roush Yates and Impact encourage you to invest in your safety by taking preventative measures for a long successful race career.

Made in the USA

- The NecksGen units are designed and made in the USA, using the latest carbon fiber composite Dupont material. Not only are these materials lightweight, but they are extremely strong.

SFI 38.1 Certification

- All NecksGen head and neck restraints have passed the mandated SFI 38.1 testing procedures. Due to the innovative features of the designs, the NecksGen head and neck restraints have surpassed expectations in test results.

* Quick Release Helmet Hardware - Unique single hand quick eject helmet attachment system.
* Emergency Pull - Optional pull tag for quick disconnect. Padding - The shoulder and collarbone padding provide added comfort to the unit.
* Winglets - Large adult units can accept 2” or 3” seat belts. Small unit accepts 2" belts only. The wings aid in keeping your harness in place under impact. Even in multiple impact situations where the belts could loosen.
* Tension Neutralizing Tether - Using a proprietary single tension-neutralizing tether (TNT), the loads under impact are distributed through four different load paths. This unique system offers an equal distribution of forces under impact. This system also offers a full range of head motion and side and angular impact protection.
* Low Profile Design - The low profile design makes egress in and out of the car in an emergency easier
* Size Small can only be used with 2" belts only.
* Size Medium can be used with 2" or 3" belts.
* Size Large can be used with 2" or 3" belts.


Use the following chart to determine which size system to get.
Note that the Small will only work with 2" harness straps, while the Medium and Large will work with both 2" and 3" harness straps.



Picture of NecksGen REV Helmet Restraint - 91000027 - SMALL
NecksGen REV Helmet Restraint - 91000027 - SMALL
Picture of NecksGen REV Helmet Restraint - 91000026 - MEDIUM
NecksGen REV Helmet Restraint - 91000026 - MEDIUM
Picture of NecksGen REV Helmet Restraint - 91000025 - LARGE
NecksGen REV Helmet Restraint - 91000025 - LARGE
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