Non-OEM Ignition Coils and PTU : DOHC 6G72

Aftermarket 6G72 DOHC Ignition Coils and PTU

Complete Assembly


Premium Non-OEM PTU / Ignition Coils 



On a Budget?

These Premium Non-OEM Coils/PTU are for you!!

PTU is modeled after the OEM piece for a Near-Perfect Fit

Coils are sold in packs of 3, no bracket included

Combo kit will save you $25!


** You must re-use your OEM PTU and Coil Brackets..the coils must all be started loose and then tightened down, or the last bolt will not line up correctly


** Make sure you remove the blue protective plastic on the back of the PTU or you might not get good spark or Tach signal

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