NX Nitrous Express EFI Import Kit w 10lb Bottle

SKU: NXSKIT-20923-10

The single biggest "bang for the buck" performance modification you can do to your car is to add a nitrous system. This installation-ready kit from NX Nitrous Express offers everything you need to get you going: kit includes a 10lb bottle (ships empty), solenoids, lines, fittings, jets, and switches (including the wide-open-throttle and master system switches)! All lines are stainless steel braided AN lines and a fuel T-fitting adapter is included - this is a WET system, integrating your fuel system via the patented "Shark" nozzle for proper nitrous usage.

NOTE: NX recommends a maximum of an additional 20 hp per cylinder on a stock engine with stock fuel pump. Always use the highest octane gasoline for stock compression, street cars, and the highest octane fuel available for competition vehicles. NX recommends you NOT use platinum tip plugs, or plugs with extended, multiple, or split ground straps. NX also recommends you also install one of the Gen-X kits listed below to maintain proper bottle pressure.

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