OEM Mitsubishi Corner Lights Turn Signals Front Indicators Corners for 3000GT 91-99 - DISCONTINUED

3000GT Front Corner Lights / Turn Signals / Indicators

91-93 3000GT


99 3000GT

These are factory Mitsubishi front turn signals for the 3000GT's. Bulbs and attachment screws are included with all models. The 91-93 also includes the little plastic screw cover at the front edge of the lens.

Left = Driver's Side
Right = Passenger Side

Priced individually.

NOTE: These are for US-Spec 3000GT's - they may not directly fit on European, JDM, RHD, or vehicles produced for other countries.

We also offer the plug/pigtail/wire-harness for the corner lights should they need replacing. It is the harness plug that connects to the light hosing with about 8 inches of wires to be splied into your harness.

Corner Turn Signal 91-93 3000GT LH/DR - DISCONTINUED
SKU: CornerLightGT9193L
Corner Turn Signal 94-98 3000GT LH/DR *DISCONTINUED*
SKU: CornerLightGT9498L
Corner Turn Signal 94-98 3000GT RH/PS *DISCONTINUED*
SKU: CornerLightGT9498R
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