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Stock Lugnuts and Lug Studs

Wasn't sure which page to put these on! ;-) Often times a lugnut gets lost or the stud gets cross-threaded and stripped. The nice thing is you dont have to replace the whole hub to replace a lug stud (though you will probably have to remove it to get it installed!). The studs are universal across all 3000GT/Stealth models/years, and the lug nuts are universal for the 3000GT except for the VERY early style wheels with the "scoops" around each lugnut (like the first month of production). Im pretty sure they are the same for the Stealth wheels as well (though they will be covered) - threads are the same.

The lug studs are the same for the 3000GT/Stealth and the EVO (8/9/10) and Eclipse (thru 2005) use the same part number as well.

3000GT/Stealth Chrome Lugnut (priced each)
3000GT/Stealth Lug Stud (priced each)

Picture of OEM Lug Nut 3000GT/Stealth (EACH)
OEM Lug Nut 3000GT/Stealth (EACH)
SKU: MIT000187
Picture of OEM Lug Stud 3000GT/Stealth (EACH)
OEM Lug Stud 3000GT/Stealth (EACH)
SKU: MIT000688
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