OEM Replacement Braided Stainless Oil Cooler Lines



7/14/21 - Backordered, ETA 11/15/21 

OEM cooler braided lines

filter housing AN adapters


 Kit does not include the OEM cooler, new bolts or seals, those can be found here OEM Oil Cooler 


No need to spend $700+ on new lines and new core whether its due to age or engine failure your oil lines will  need to be replaced eventually! They break down over time along with years and years of carbon build up from extended oil changes or neglect they can become restricted and cause oil pressure and cooling issues. 

This kit comes with everything you need to replace both lines as well as the OEM hard line coming off the cooler.  

It is HIGHLY recommended that you replace or clean your stock cooler core thoroughly when installing these lines, the same carbon build up that can clog the lines can also clog the cooler itself.  Replacement is always recommended ESPECIALLY after an engine or turbo failure.