Oil Pan OEM 3000GT/Stealth




Oil Pan OEM 3000GT/Stealth

When doing an engine rebuild, twin turbo conversion, or maybe it just got banged up, you may need to replace your oil pan. One item you definitely want to watch for is the round "bowl" in the lowest part - that is the oil pickup point and if that gets dented upward it can severely hinder proper oil flow.These are OEM new oil pans.

You can also get a set of oil pan bolts.

The oil pan is a lot more vital part that some people give it credit for, and one major thing to consider is the shape of the bottom of it. The round circle at the lowest point of the pan is where the pickup strainer sits and draws oil up into the pump and thus the rest of the engine.

Some people think the oil pan makes a great place by which to jack up the car. THIS IS WRONG!!!! This can dent in that little circle, pressing it against the pickup strainer and could potentially starve the engine of oil, leading to catastrophic engine or turbo failure due to a lack of oil! If your oil pickup "bowl" in the pan is dented up/in, we HIGHLY recommend replacing the pan.


The 91-92 TT oil pan is no longer available.

10/31/13 - The 91-92 NA oil pan is on a 3-4 month backorder as it has to come direct from Japan. Order yours and it will be shipped as soon as it arrives.


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