Oil Pickup Strainer 6G72 DOHC TT & NA

New, Upgraded 3SX Oil Strainer/Pickup Tube
SKU: OilPickup3S-DOHC

3SX High-FLow Oil Pickup / Strainer - 3S DOHC TT & NA

Mitsubishi discontinued these bad boys, so we brought our own versions back to market!

The 3SX Oil Pickup/Strainer is equipped with larger-bore piping, and a smoother entry at the flange into the Oil Pump

The pickup also has a slightly larger Pickup Screen to filter more oil than the OEM piece

Finished in a long-lasting nickel plating for extra durability

This premium 3SX piece fits ALL DOHC Engines

Mitsubishi discontinued the factory oil pickup that connects to the bottom of the oil pump and reaches into the little "bowl" at the bottom of the oil pan to draw oil up into the engine. 3SX has developed a replacement pickup tube that will directly replace the defunct stock part. Can't very well build an engine without it or you'll never get the oil up to the pump!

We highly recommend replacing this part with ANY engine build, especially if it is after "catastrophic failure" like spun bearings or blown pistons or rings as those bits of metal can get caught in the strainer and then flushed into your *fresh* engine.... Which is bad. Very bad... Best way to prevent this from happening is to replace it with a new one!

NOTE: Before reinstalling your oil-pan, make sure the little "bowl" at the bottom is rounded DOWN/OUT away from the engine. If this is dented up it can severly inhibit the flow of oil into the strainer, and even with a NEW strainer, the engine, turbos, or other oiled parts can fail due to oil starvation.

These will work on all DOHC 3000GT and Stealth engines.
It will NOT work for the SOHC engine.

The gasket and bolts are listed and sold separately, but the gasket is included in most complete engine gasket kits if you are getting one of those.

NOTE: We recommend that you CLEAN your pickup strainer prior to installation on your engine to ensure any production residue from bending and welding is out of the pipe. If you use a spray cleaner, spray from the mesh down through the tube so as not to wash anything into the mesh.