OS Giken Clutch Twin Disc AWD 3000GT VR4 Stealth TT TS2C

OS Giken Twin Disc Carbon-Ceramic Racing Clutch

This is a custom twin disc clutch kit from OSGiken. Makers of multi-disc clutches since 1983, they have a lot of research and development into their line of racing clutches to ensure the best quality for your car. Despite its decreased diameter, the clutch allows for extremely efficient power transfer and improved engine response. The redesigned leverage mechanism of the TWIN diaphragm spring on the center cover results in higher pressure of the clutch disk while reducing pedal effort. In addition, ventilation holes are designed to reduce heat generated inside the clutch system and allows for the friction plate dust to exit outside the clutch system, thus increasing reliability and safety.

This is the TS2C, part of the new OS Racing Clutch series and their friction plates are made of heat treated metal. These materials are carefully selected and alloyed so that the plates match with the materials of the flywheel and center plate to improve durability and maximize performance.

All OS Giken clutches include a corresponding performance flywheel to ensure maximum performance and unlock your vehicle’s potential. A custom strengthened release bearing is included with and must be used with the kit - the stock release bearing will not work.

Total weight of the entire clutch assembly is an even 30 pounds, saving a few pounds on the stock or other full-size single-disc clutch assemblies using a steel flywheel (Flywheel Included).

Power Handling: 550WHP / 500LB-FT

3SX also includes the requisite disc alignment tool to be used when assembling the kit on the car and bolting down the pressure/cover plate.

OS Giken Clutch Twin Disc AWD TT VR4 TS2C