Oxygen Sensor / O2 Sensor SPACER - Alternative O2 Simulator!!

3SX Oxygen Sensor Spacer - The CEL Fix!
"Alternative" O2 Simulator!

One of the more common modifications for a VR4/TwinTurbo is to eliminate the small "pre-cats" - the catalytic converters located just after the turbos. This allows the turbos to spool up a little quicker and frees up restrictions on the exhaust flows. Also, some non-turbo owners are installing our Long Tube Headers and eliminating the pre-cats on their Cali-spec car. The problem with eliminating these pre-cats is, well, only a problem on the later OBD-II (96-99) and OBD-II Hybrid (94-95 Cali-spec turbo or non-turbo) cars. These cars have "secondary" oxygen sensors mounted AFTER the pre-cats which are there only to make sure the cats are there and doing their job. But eliminating the pre-cats typically throws a check engine light (CEL).

The electronic O2 Simulator has historically been the solution to defeating the CEL. We have an alternative. This is a SPACER to be used for the *secondary* O2 sensors. It pulls the sensor tip back out of the direct exhaust gas flow which alters the temperature and signal it sends to the ECU, tricking the ECU into thinking the cats are still there. This is a simply installation which requires no wiring, just remove your secondary sensor and thread these into the bung and replace the sensor.

Available as a DUAL kit for the 94-99 3000GT/Stealth with a 4-O2-Sensor setup (or any other 4-sensor vehicle) or a SINGLE kit for other engines that only have a single exhaust flow with 1 primary and 1 secondary sensor.

NOTE: O2 Sensor is NOT included. We have stock OEM O2 Sensors and aftermarket Non-OEM O2 Sensors listed separately.

NOTE: This is for off-road use only.

Oxygen O2 Sensor Spacer - DUAL for 2 Sensors
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Oxygen O2 Sensor Spacer - SINGLE for 1 Sensor
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