Permatex Spark Plug Boot Grease 4-gram Pak

SKU: PermatexPlugGrease4g

Permatex Spark Plug Boot Grease
4-gram Single-Use Packet

Permatex Spark Plug Boot Grease is applied to the ceramic of the spark plug and inside the boot on the plug wire end to help prevent the boots from fusing to the spark plugs, and also to help prevent voltage leaks (arcing). It can also be used as dielectric grease on other electrical connections to provide a moisture-proof barrier that lubricates and protects electrical equipment from salt, dirt and corrosion.

These are convenient single-use "ketchup paks" with an "Easy Squeeze Spout" to simplify application where you want it, without the mess and waste of a larger bottle.

Best to order when ordering your spark plugs and plug wires. But if you order by itself, we will mail it to you no extra charge (USA only).

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