Poly End Link Bushings Set for L-shaped Rear Endlinks 3000GT Stealth


Poly Endlink Bushings Set
for 'L'-shaped Stock Rear Endlinks

This is a set of 4 custom polyurethane bushings that are used on the stock L-shaped rear endlinks, both the AWD and DOHC FWD 3000GT and Stealth models.

Worn rubber endlink bushings can cause random/intermittent clunks in the rear suspension. Sometimes these bushings are the culprit and replacing them will tighten and quiet things down quite a bit! These replace the bushings included in the "Endlink Nut Kit" - but the additional hardware is not included with THIS set.



Note: This is ONLY the 4 bushings - endlinks and/or Endlink Nut Kit sold separately here.