Power Steering Pump BOLT for DOHC Pump 3000GT Stealth

Power Steering Pump Mounting BOLT
Specialty Long Hex Flange Bolt w/ Washer M12x90

This is the long-lost power steering pump BOLT that is used to mount the lower point of the power steering pump to the bracket on the 91-99 DOHC (TT and NA) 3000GT/Stealth. The upper mount point uses a stud that is IN the bracket. These have been discontinued from Mitsubishi but we managed to source some so have them NEW in stock, OEM Mitsubishi packaging.

DOHC engines only - NOT used on the SOHC engines.

BOLT-6984 - 12x90 Long Hex Bolt for 3S Power Steering Pump
SKU: BOLT-6984