PowerAll Deluxe 400 amp Jump Starter & USB Charger with Flashlight PBJS12000RD

SKU: PowerAll400D

PowerAll Deluxe Portable Charger / Jump Starter
400-amp Jumper PBJS12000RD

Talk about big power in a small package to go! Gone are the days of 30 pound jump boxes for the notoriously ill-timed dead battery... This lightweight and compact power station packs a punch! With 400 amps of oopmf, it will start a car - even with the battery disconnected dead! So, in other words, it doesn't matter HOW dead the battery it, it starts the car with the battery not even connected!

We are offering the deluxe version that includes everything shown here, including the convenient hard case pictured above.

So what's the big deal? We've all seen car starters... Ok, maybe you missed the size of it... It's about the size of a portable hard drive... It's smaller than a tablet... Heck, I've seen PHONES bigger than this thing! (ok, maybe not as thick...) This measures a mere 6.5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and just over an inch thick.

What else? Well, using the most modern battery technology adapted from electric cars, it's heart is a small but powerful 12,000 mah battery. This of course give you car-starting power. But it also has a pair of 5-volt standard USB jacks to charge virtually any portable device! It comes with a USB adapter with EIGHT different quick-connect plugs! And with a bold 2-amp output on the USB ports, it will charge your portable devices quicker that almost any factory charger (those are usually around 1-amp).

To jump start a car you simply connect the jumper cables to your 12-volt vehicle battery, plug the pigtail into the PowerAll, press the button to turn it on, and start the car!

Oh yeah... it even has a high-power LED flashlight!

This kit includes a standard 110v household charger cable as well as a 12v automotive accessory charger so you can charge at home or on the go! There are 5 LED power level indicators on the side as well so you know if it needs a charge.

Don't be stuck relying on someone else with jumper cables next time you have a dead battery... This takes up less space than those jumper cables anyway!


Here's a couple videos showing the PowerAll in action.