Preval Paint/Dye Pressurized Sprayer System

Make your own custom spray cans. Handheld spray system, perfect for custom colors. Allows you to mix and spray paints and dye's without needing an air gun. Just mix in jar, screw on cartridge and spray away.
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3SX / Preval Sprayer System


The Preval Spray Gun is the perfect solution for applying 3SX Color-match Interior Dyes, and Custom Paints to small hard-to-reach areas, and also where control and quality of finish are important.

Each Preval Spray Gun comes with a power unit and refillable container jar with cap and will spray up to one pint of paint.



For best results thinning may be required.

Thin Paints up to 5%-10% with reducer, and dyes up to 30% with water

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