Radiator OEM 3000GT/Stealth

Stock Mitsubishi Radiator 3000GT/Stealth

We offer the OEM radiator should you choose to go with these. For cars with an automatic transmission, this is one of the only options as most of the aftermarket ones are listed as specifically not working with vehicles with the automatic transmission. Select from the following choices:

1991-1993 Non-Turbo 5-Speed
1991-1993 Twin Turbo and Non-Turbo Automatic
1994-1999 All Models

NOTE: Parts not listed in the selection menu below are no longer available to be ordered.

Picture of Radiator OEM 91-93 TT + NA Auto
Radiator OEM 91-93 TT + NA Auto
SKU: MIT000216
Picture of Radiator OEM 94-99 TT + NA (AT+5spd)
Radiator OEM 94-99 TT + NA (AT+5spd)
SKU: MIT000697
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