Radiator Support Cover Panel FITS OEM and 3SX SINGLE PASS RADIATOR - Brushed Stainless


3SX Custom Radiator Support Cover Panels
For OEM or 3SX BIG Single Pass Radiators!

* Now in Brushed Stainless *

* 1/6/22 both styles BACK IN STOCK *



We have finally redesigned (well, made a second design!) our popular radiator cover/support panel - this one is designed around our big 3SX Single Pass Radiator. This covers the radiator and gap between the radiator and front cross panel, AND serves as the upper support brackets.

( Radiator Cover panel for OEM Radiators )

Having a separate panel offers a much cleaner look over the radiator, and it is a lot easier to paint/polish/powder/dip/chrome this single piece than trying to work with the whole radiator! We offer it in plain brushed Stainless Steel for you to install as is or finish to your liking or full chrome plate for that extra shine! 

Go from this look, using the separate brackets that are included with the radiator....

to THIS look with this full coverage panel!

Both OEM and 3SX Radiator Fitments

Excellent Fit and Finish

NOTE: For twin turbo cars you will have to modify/remove the intercooler pipe bracket on the driver side to allow for clearance of this panel as they share the same mount point. That hard pipe has a second mount tab so the interfering one is typically simply removed.

NOTE2: This can apply to any of the oversized radiators: sometimes the radiator sits a little high. If this is the case in your car, you can lower it down a little by bending the 2 lower support tabs that hold the radiator - they are just tabs off the lower front cross-member with bushings in them and they can be bent down some to lower the overall radiator position in the engine bay.

NOTE3: This support panel has been tested for hood clearance on a stock hood. We have not tested it against various aftermarket hoods that are on the market, so accommodations may be necessary depending on your hood, vehicle crash/impact history, etc.


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