Rear Differential Assembly 3000GT/Stealth - Rebuilt

Rear Differential Assembly 3000GT/Stealth- Rebuilt to OEM Spec

These are done on an EXCHANGE basis, you will be charged a refundable core charge of $500.

These rear diffs are professionally disassembled, cleaned and reassembled.

New OEM input and output seals are installed

Painted semi-flat black for a factory finish

Shipping Weight/Dims

20x12x12 / 68lbs

Fluid Capacity for the rear diff is 1.1qt / We recommend Redline 75w90 2 bottles required

NOTE: There is a core charge when ordering a rear differential. The charge is included in the shopping cart. Send your stock rear diff back to 3SX after installing your rebuilt rear diff for a refund of the core charge. Your core rear diff can not be previously welded on - they must be in rebuildable condition. Please see the 3SX FAQ Page for complete core policies.

3SX Core Parts Return Form
Need a copy of the Core Return Form? Download and print it here!

Lead time is 1-3 weeks.

Rear Differential Assembly 3000GT/Stealth - Rebuilt 5spd
Rear Differential Assembly 3000GT/Stealth - Rebuilt 6spd