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-  Cooling

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-  Engine External Bolt-On

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While we here at 3SX are not big on tooting our own horns, we do take great pride in trying to offer the best customer service as well as the best selection of products to meet our customers' needs. Since our humble beginning way back in the last millennium, we have driven ourselves to be the best at what we do. These are just a few reviews and testimonials we have received.

We welcome ALL feedback! Please email us at



1/23/16 - via Email

"Hi guys , just wanted to thank you for the awsome U.S to N.Z delivery speeds and pricing , A+ aftermarket parts and general communication..really looking forward to doing a lot / if not all my build business with you from now on..I chose this 91gto build because of its 1 of a kind style personal appeal and the almost impossible task of sourcing high performance parts for this particular build especially in New Zealand..u guys rock




12/24/15 - via Email

"Thank you!! I appreciate what you guys do for us over at 3sx. My Gto wouldnt be driveable and would be in no hopes of restoration if it wasnt for you guys. Have a great Christmas!




12/24/15 - via Email

"Merry Christmas 3SX!!!!!!!!!!
You don't know this by my purchase history, but I am a huge fan! I am constantly updating my list, and watching the sales pass me by! We cannot wait to start picking away at our list! (Maybe Xmas?:)) Thank you for having the best 3000gt parts site on the market! You guys are awesome and hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Ken & Monika
91 VR-4"



11/24/15 - via Facebook 3SGTO Page

"I build all sorts of cars at my shop, mostly highend cars and full resto. 

We got TONS of parts from you guys at 3sx and the parts your guys sell are phenomenal. Most aftermarket parts require some sort of modification and fitting but the 3sx stuff was all top notch. I Highly recommend them to anyone looking for parts




9/17/15 - via Facebook Messages

"People tend to voice their opinions when they want to complain. But you guys are awesome. Thanks for the great service, and providing awesome products for the cars. I always recommend you guys. You've got my loyalty! Keep up the good work, Thanks!

- Joe"



6/8/15 - via Facebook

"Great guys! They had the parts I need to get the job done, gave honest opinions and facts to get the right parts you need and the parts have been top-notch quality. Follow up after the sale was fantastic! Thank you Daniel.




3/31/15 - via facebook messaging

"Hey dude, just want to say thanks for 3sx kicking ass these days. I used to do most of my ordering through IPS and Maximal because of shipping rates and whatnot. Now a days with your free shipping and good prices I do almost all of my ordering at 3sx. It's also cool that I have an arsenal of 3sx pens and 3sx valve caps on all my wheels haha. Thanks dude. Keep doing awesome s...




3/16/15 - via facebook

"Absolutely top notch service every time! I've dealt with these guys a few times now, every time it's great shipping times. Items are packaged with care and of course you know your getting quality parts here! This place is a one stop shop for us 3000gt/stealth people out there!




12/12/14 - via facebook

"I am ancient. I was old when these cars came out. And I have never had better customer service than with the guys at 3sx. I make mistakes, they take care of them. My Frankenstealth runs like a top and I am upgrading all the time. Prices are reasonable and so are the people. Sometimes I don't quite know what I need and they have always straightened me out.




12/6/14 - via email

"I already know where Santa is.

Why, he is the one who took my phone orders last month. The jolly white bearded gentleman that used "my ship code" when shipping the fairly large (for me that is) order. You call him Jeff.

Your customer service is top notch. There are still items in my wish list but they will have to wait a little.
Happy Holidays



10/23/2014 - via email

Even when we can't get the part for the customer in his required timeframe...

"Daniel you are awesome. Dealing w/ a lot of car folks lately and regret you can't get the seat earlier b/c your customer service is far and away the best. Will keep you in mind for future needs and recommendations.

Thank you,



10/21/2014 - via email

"I received the package today containing the Autometer adapter and HKS radiator cap as well as the shipping notification via UPS for order #130468.

Seeing as how it's not said enough these days, I wanted to thank everyone at 3SX for the special orders placed for me as well as helping me to find the parts needed to help bring a beat up car back to life. I have yet to find someone with 3SX who is not knowledgeable with the 3000GT and all the help I've received is very much appreciated.
Thank you all



10/16/2014 - via Facebook

"Best best best, especially the staff, Daniel and Jeff are the best! If it weren't for 3sx I would've sold my car by now. They're also a bad influence because they're always updating the site with the coolest upgrades to our cars, so it makes me spend more money, lol! Thanks again guys,





10/16/2014 - via Facebook

"3SX has the best products, selection, and customer service for the 3000gt and Dodge Stealth period. They have almost every part for these cars and better yet they keep designing new ones! If you have a 3S car these are your go-to guys.




9/26/2014 - via email

"ATTN:  Justin & The Entire 3SX Team
You have an amazing organization at 3SX, & I really appreciate the EXCELLENT customer service that I have always received from your team.  Thanks for all that you do to help our 3000GT restoration projects become a success, as we owe much gratitude to you for making it all possible!

Have a great day, as I look forward to buying more parts & accessories from 3SX in the future!

Thanks, & God bless.




8/27/2014 - via Facebook

"3SX are an excellent company who provide top quality products at a good price. Plus they are very helpful with information for that next mod :) , heaps of cool factor too. My GTO feels so much better.




5/21/2014 - via email

"Dear Sirs
I am writing this letter to express my satisfaction with the service I received during the repair of my 1991 Stealth RT. I live in Long Beach Mississippi and to say the least I could find no one that was knowledgeable enough or wanting to work on my car . After searching the internet I found your establishment. I contacted you and after a brief conversation you made it clear that not only were you accomplished in these car's repair but would be more than happy to take the car in . I want to thank all of the people who participated  in repairing my car . I especially want to give thanks to "G" who was instrumental in making this repair go flawlessly. Every time I contacted him he made an extra effort to inform me of all my options and his opinions of each. He kept me informed of the progress of the repair and made sure it was ready on time. His professionalism was a breath of fresh air . I also want to commend your facility . It was one of the cleanest and well maintained that I have ever seen. When I arrived to pick my Stealth up "G" informed me of all of the repairs that were made and introduced me to the technician Ben who had worked on the car. Both were extremely professional and polite to both my wife and me. The Stealth made it all the way to Mississippi with no problems and has been running well since. Again I want to express my thanks to you and your staff especially G.




"These guys are the best! They have treated me well for years and they continue to push the 3S platform to the next level.



"I've ordered the 60k service kit, and now the driver side power window assembly. Just got my VR-4 in march. Has a lot of issues. But thanx to these guys, I will be able to get it back into perfect shape. They have EVERYTHING! And there customer service support is awesome! I'm very impressed with them. I only go through them now for my needs. Thanx guys! Keep it up!





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