Ross Pistons 3SX Custom - DOHC Non-Turbo


3SX Ross Custom Pistons - DOHC Non-Turbo


NOTE: These items are custom made and take 3-4 MONTHS to process and ship. Please take that into consideration when purchasing.


Ross 11:1 Stock 10:1

If you have a DOHC non-turbo and are upgrading the internals of the your engine, this is a GREAT upgrade! Dyno'd to push an additional 10 horsepower straight through to the wheels, these pistons will defintely increase the responsiveness of your car. These are the same pistons - in 92mm 11:1 size - that are in Eric's 93 RT pushing it to outrun stock VR4's on an open road course...

Available in these options:

91.1mm bore (stock bore) with increased 11:1 compression ratio
92mm bore (1mm or .040" over) with increased 11:1 compression ratio
93mm bore (2mm or .080" over) with increased 11:1 compression ratio

The 92mm and 93mm pistons do require a cylinder bore to be used. All sizes raise the the compression ratio to 11:1 from the stock 10:1, thus yielding more power. They have also been grooved deeper to fit oversized valves if you are upgrading your heads and offer more clearance for the valves. Kits include complete set of 6 pistons with wrist pins and matched piston rings. They will work with stock* or aftermarket rods.


3SX Ross 12.5:1 Ultra-High-Compression 92mm (1mm or .040 over)

We now have some custom pistons for the NA guys that want to go all-motor and get more power! These are 12.5:1 compression ratio pistons available in a 92mm bore. If you are going for the most and staying non-turbo, these are for you! Note, though, that due to the high compression, you may have to run 100 octane or higher race gas or convert to E85 to prevent knock and detonation.

The 12.5:1 pistons are a special order item - please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


* NOTE: These pistons will work with stock or aftermarket rods, though the stock rods will have to have the piston pin hole bored slightly larger to allow for a full-float setup.


NOTE: You MUST have your pistons PRIOR to boring your block, so your machine shop can bore to the proper clearances for the pistons. The listed piston sizes are approximate, and as there are different tolerance requirements between different piston manufacturers and even exact size variations between piston production runs, you should never bore you block without having the pistons that are going in the block so the machine shop can bore to match the pistons and their specific clearance requirements. 3SX is not responsible for pistons not matching a bore - take that up with your machine shop that did the bore. Ross pistons are built ot order, and special orders cannot be cancelled...once they're ordered, they are yours!


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