Ross Pistons 3SX Custom Forged - VR4 & Twin Turbo


Ross Custom Pistons - VR-4 & Twin Turbo


NOTE: These items are typically custom order and take 6-8 WEEKS to process and ship. Please take that into consideration when purchasing. 


3SX carries custom forged aluminum pistons from Ross Racing. These are the very pistons that powered both our T2 and T4 drag cars to their various records - pounding out a modest 996 AWHP on our AWD drag car and 820 FWHP on our FWD drag car. Want a bullet-proof bottom end? Start with our Ross pistons! That's what we do... Our forged shortblocks are built with none other than THESE very pistons.

These options are now offered:

91.1mm bore (stock bore) with increased 8.5:1 compression ratio
91.5mm bore (.5mm or .020" over) with increased 8.5:1 CR , ~3.02 liter displacement
92mm bore (1mm or .040" over) with increased 8.5:1 CR , ~3.05 liter displacement
93mm bore (2mm or .080" over) with increased 8.5:1 CR, ~3.1 liter displacement

These are oversized pistons that require a cylinder bore to be used. They have larger valve reliefs to fit oversized valves and offer better clearance on the valves. Kit includes a complete set of 6 pistons with wrist pins as well as matched piston rings. Pistons are now laser etched (won't create hot spots) with the 3SX logo! 


They will work with stock or aftermarket rods, though the stock rods will have to have the wrist-pin hole slightly bored to be allow for full-float.

NOTE: The stock head gaskets are 92mm, so if you are going with larger pistons you should consider larger head gaskets available separately.


NOTE: We HIGHLY recommend that you have your pistons PRIOR to boring your block, so your machine shop can bore to the proper clearances for the pistons. The listed piston sizes are approximate, and as there are different tolerance requirements between different piston manufacturers and even exact size variations between piston production runs, you should never bore you block without having the pistons that are going in the block so the machine shop can bore to match the pistons and their specific clearance requirements. 3SX is not responsible for pistons not matching a bore - take that up with your machine shop that did the bore.


Final measurements must be correct on all forged pistons from  3SX, as there will be NO RETURNS on them


Ross Pistons Set VR4/TT with Rings

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